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Guitar Repair and Building Program Graduates

Graduates of the program are now working for Bourgeois, Collings, Santa Cruz, Benedetto, Gruhn, Gallager, Macphearson, Fender, PRS, Hoffman, Elderly, Rainsong, Breedlove and many other fine builders and shops. We have alumni working in Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Thailand, Japan, Oman and the UK.

Three alumni work for Dana Bourgeois

Three graduates of the program currently work with Bourgeois Guitars in Maine. Here Dana Bourgeois holds the Ricky Skaggs model prototype they all had a hand in building.

“Over the years I’ve hired from all the major guitar schools. None are consistently better prepared for work in my shop than graduates from Southeast Technical. Right now I have three on my staff. Next time I have an opening I know where to look.”
— Dana Bourgeois

Graduates in the Field

Andy Jellison, Nashville, TN: Gruhn Guitars, repairs and restorations

Hugh Hanson, Nashville, TN: Gruhn Guitars, repairs and restorations

Steve Rossow, Minneapolis, MN: custom guitars and mandolins

Tim Reede, Minneapolis, MN: custom archtop, acoustic and electric guitars

Ron Tracy, Minnepolis, MN: Hoffman Guitars, managing and performing repairs, resorations and making custom electric guitars

Daniel Blom, Fairview, TN: Blom Guitars, repairs and restorations

Tim Thelen, Des Moines, IA: The Lutherie Shop, repairs, restorations and co-founder of BilT guitars

Gordy Bischoff, Eau Claire, WI: custom acoustic guitars

Rob Radack, Brooklyn, NY: Sadowsky Guitars, production manager

Jamon Zeiler, Rising Sun, IN: custom acoustic guitars

Gary Bartig, G. Edward Lutherie, Minneapolis, MN: designer and maker of the Eminence Portable Acoustic Upright Bass and the Dahlia 5-String Violin

Rick Reiss, Vancouver, WA: Advanced Guitar Repairs, repairs and restorations

Dan Wolf, Chicago, IL: Chicago Fret Works, repairs and restorations

Anthony Brisson, Milwaukee, WI: Brass Bell Music, repairs

Nick MIller, Milwaukee, WI: Brass Bell Music, repairs

Joe Kellerman, St. Paul, MN: Cadenza Music, repairs

Kevin Haynie, University Place, WA: Guitar repair and custom building

Patrick Hufschmid, Liverpool, UK: Custom electric guitars

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