Band Instrument Repair Program - SE Tech Red Wing  

Band Instrument Repair Program - Advisory Committee

The Band Instrument Repair Advisory Committee meets yearly to ensure the BIR program is delivering the best education possible. This group of fifteen professional technicians and manufacturer representatives from across the U.S. reviews the program curriculum, delivery, instructional materials, facilities, and even the work the students are doing to continually improve graduates we provide to repair shops.

This group is the eyes and ears of the music industry and the repair craft, keeping the Band Instrument Repair program at Red Wing at the top of its game.

Band Advisory Committee

*Craig Anderson, General Manager, Allied Supply
Brian Russell, Owner, Russell Winds
Curt Altarac, Technician/Owner,
*Cindy Budd, Independent Repair Technician,
*Roger Ferrell, Technician, Ekroth Music
*Dan King, Repair Technician, KBI Music Shoppe
*Julie Jurgenson, Owner/Technician, J.J.’s Horn Clinic
*Bill Mathews, Executive Director, National Association of Professional Band Instrument Repair Technicians (NAPBIRT)
*Dennis Pollard, Technician, Davenport Repair
*John Maddox, Owner/Technician, Mad Dog Instrument Repair
Steve Sandberg, Technician, Burton Repair
Ken Skitch, Technician/Shop Manager, Heid Music
Mark Sorlie, Warranty manager, Yamaha Corporation of America
*Bernadette Gonzales, Technician, Melk Music
*Michael Pratt, United States Marines Corp
*Eric Larson, Technician, SSE Music

*Indicates Red Wing BIR Program graduate