Band Instrument Repair Program - SE Tech Red Wing  

Band Instrument Repair Program - The Craft

A band instrument repair technician is a problem-solver, mechanic, acoustician, plumber, musician, body worker, innovator, painter, jeweler, tool & die maker, electroplater, counselor, buffer, chemist, designer, carpenter and machine tool operator all in one. A tech will have to employ brute force at times and a feather touch other times.

Band instrument repair technicians are typically passionate about excellence, knowing they are key partners with music educators and performers. Technicians love to problem-solve and test the limits of what is possible with each instrument. At Red Wing, we foster your desire to delve into how instruments work and teach you how to overcome the obstacles to maximum instrument performance, in service to the musicians seeking your expertise and talent.

Common tasks technicians perform include:

• replacing worn pads and key corks
• soft soldering broken braces & posts
• silver-brazing broken keys
• removing dents
• straightening bent parts and keys
• repairing/adjusting valves and casings
• aligning and fitting moving parts
• regulating and adjusting intricate and complex key mechanisms
• restoring worn parts



Band Repair Tools
Students learn to use the full range of tools and equipment needed to repair instruments